What will break the culture of women's subordination?

“Women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness.” - Erica Jong


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  • Once they stop being women. Women, by their nature, want to follow men, to respect men, and to look up to them. Look at marriage, relationships. Girls who have *any* personality, who aren't just mice, want guys with confidence. Confidence to lead, to not make the relationship one where the woman is in charge.

    Hence why "nice guys" are so hated by women. They look up to women for leadership, for someone to be in charge. For a woman to be attracted to a man, he has to be one she can submit and follow. It's been shown a billion times in marriages alone, and through failed marriages with men who couldn't command a woman's respect.

    Women are not helpless creatures, stupid, or pathetic. Certainly not like how women are treated in "War and Peace." But they will always follow men, and always look up to men who can command respect. It's their nature, their genetics. Trying to change it has nearly ruined marriage and the family in the United States over the last forty years or so, and certainly hasn't made women happier.

    Why try to reprogram a woman's instincts? Why not just accept women for the amazing creatures they are, and leave them women, instead of trying to make them men?

    • ...So then your answer is that there's no need to break the culture of inferiority because women are subordinate by nature, not by social construct. Interesting...

      Something to consider: Both great leaders and control freaks can get people to do what they want; the difference is choice. A control freak is someone who uses any means necessary to remove the element of choice and requires/expects constant submission. The great leader is someone people choose to obey.

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    • @ Answerer: Your answer is non-region specific, so I don't see why culture matters. You cite genetics as the basis for women's inferiority/inability to make proper decisions without looking to men and genetics do not change with culture. Some parts of your post are correct (women like men with confidence & will look up to men who can command their respect), but a majority (i.e. the rest) of it is filled with incorrect assumptions.

    • There's a good amt of psychological research that suggests the longest-lasting modern relationships are between two people who are dating "their ideal selves."

      Everyone wants a partner they can look up to and respect, who is confident and can make good decisions. This is not specific to women. Worst-case scenario, something happens to you and your wife is left to take care of the family. You want her to be a born-follower, jobless, meek, alone and needing a man to make decisions for her?

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  • Cool story bro.

  • Wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ""Pretty women make us buy beer. Ugly women make us drink beer." -Al Bundy.

    You are such a femMANist.


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