How bad is to show a girl that you like her?

Like for example let's say I comment on her Facebook once in a million years, yet, I still comment, but again once ina million years and only on my own initiative, not on topics of her.

Or I had tell other people that I like her and they had told her.

Or that I had said those rumors are true to her face.

Or that I say flirty remarks once in a while.

Or that I remember things about her.

Or that I notice things about her that no one else notices.

I have to say, that she talks to me, and she is not creeped out by me at all, in fact when she sees me, she comes and starts the conversation every single time, I never go after her.

Yet, when it comes to ask her to hang out she always comes up with some kind of excuse not to go.
i want to hear answers from girls because I imagine they can relate to these situations and maybe they can clarify me what's going on inside their heads


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  • I like it when guys show interest, I hate mind games. Maybe she's playing hard to get or she only sees you as a friend and doesn't want to hurt you. If she really didn't like you she would just turn around and leave when she saw you. Personally, I hate those games, If I like someone I'll make sure to hang out with them as often as possible.

    • so is she playing games? she looks very interested because whatever I walk I notice she follows me to talk to me, but then when I had asked her out something comes up on her side..

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    • Well the fact that she's in a relationship changes things. If she only wanted sex with you she would have had that already, so I doubt it. She probably has a little crush on you but won't do anything about it because she's already in a relationship. This is probably why she won't stop talking to you but rejects you at the same time. I say give her some space, don't flirt with her at all, and if things are meant to be she'll find a way to be with you.

    • yeah I give her a lot of space, and I'm the guy I'm the one that is suppose to find a way

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  • I think currently she doesn't like more tha a friend. You have to show her that what she means to you but firstly what you mean to her. Show your importance don't give so much tym just let her realize you have other priorities as well and u'll not unnecessarily waste tym on her. If you need more help you can inbox me on my fb page. Link is on my profile

    • i do all the later you mention, she definitely knows I like her a lot as well, I guess she really doesn't know the reasons, that is going to be a really awkward conversation if I do it

    • Thats what I m saying she knows that you lyk her and so she takes you for granted. If she sees that you are not gonna waste anymore tym on her and move on she might realize your woth.

    • I can do that as well, I know what you mean, is the first part what I'm not sure, the part about letting her know the reasons why I legitimately like her, 'cause the way I act always makes her doubt if my attraction to her is real or just not meaningful at all and boyerish.

  • It's really bad when you don't show a girl that you don't like her.

    She'll be confused and will get uninterested in you if ever she gets over you.

    Simply spend more time with her, and have some fun, light conversations.

    • Yeah that's exactly what I do

  • Girls are you confused creature my friend they themself don't know what they want. Trust me on this

    • we all know that, they change there mind at amoment to moment basis

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