Polite way of saying this is your last chance

There is this girl whom I've gotten to know pretty well. She seems to like me, but she has cancelled our date twice in a row. First time she cancelled, she offered to reschedule for the following week. So when the day arrives, she cancels again. Now it's 2 weeks later. Being the nice guy (or fool) that I am, I have decided to ask her out one more time.

When she agrees this time, what would be a good way to tell her firmly but politely that this will be her last chance before I drop her out of my life like a sack of sh*t for jerking me around and wasting my time?
She keeps saying how much she likes me and wants to go on a date with me. I even let her choose which day she wants to go out. And she still cancels. I feel that I have wasted the past couple of months of my life. If she does not show up this time, I will be ready to expel her like bad diarrhea.
To clarify my question: I ask her out again and again let her choose the day and time. She says yes. I am looking for a polite way to then say "Okay. But if you don't show up this time..."

Okay, she called again today. So instead of asking you people "what if", I went ahead and asked her out again just so you people can answer my question. She said yes, this Friday.

She usually calls or texts during the middle of the week. I will want to talk later this week to confirm the date. I want to tell her something like if you don't show up this time, don't expect to hear from me again, don't expect any more help from me, find someone who gives a sh*t. Suggestions for what to say?


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  • wow two weeks later I honestly wouldn't even bother at that point

    • Can you answer my question please?

    • there is no way to say it nicely. she's just blowing you off, you shouldn't ask again because it looks sucker-ish

    • What one girl thinks is being "sucker-ish", another girl thinks "If a guy is truly serious and worthy of my attention, then he should never give up".

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  • If she hasn't brought it up since the last time she cancelled, then she probably isn't really all that interested. If you ask her out again, it's kind of your fault until she shows a real interest, know what I mean?

    • Can you answer my question please?

    • You're not taking the hint. She doesn't want to go out with you. Do not ask her out again. She does not want you.

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  • You've asked twice, if she has any interest she will actually make the next event happen.

    Why have you 'wasted months'? You're not a couple, you shouldn't be acting like you're monogamous. Ask other girls out.

    • Don't say anything. Telling someone you're moving on is not moving on. Moving on is walking away and not looking back.

  • Don't verbally tell it to her. Simply distance yourself, and let her work your dating life.

  • Don't say anything. Just disappear.

    • I am looking for something to say after she says yes (I have a feeling she will), but before the day of the date. Unless you are suggesting I stand her up, like tit for tat?

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