Decided to chat to ex ...

its been 2.5 years since we broke up

he left me saying he didn't love me anymore and that I didn't fit in with his new friends (we went to uni together).

we have had to see one another ervy day for the past 25 years- it has been awkward and he has been cold towards me/ one word answers.. generally stand-offish, so I decided to cemented in my mind why I need to forget about him, and stop loving him... so I Facebooked him

wow... he was actually friendly and talkative! for the first time in 2.5 years. I don't get it... he ended the caht first, but he actually had a decent convo with me

I still love him very much, but I'm not sure where to go from here

help?! x


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  • I hate to admit it, but you have the prophecy, and I am inclined to believe what he said. He already stated that he does not love you. As hurtful as it sounds, you really can't be no more direct than that. Just because he talks to you in Facebook, doesn't mean that he is interested, because if he was interested in you he wouldn't be so frigid when you talk in person. Perhaps his being cold is his way of keeping you distant considering you still have interest for 2.5 years after the break up.

    As hard as it may appear to be, you need to try and disassociate any feeling you have with him from them, conclude that it's over and there is nothing else there, have that last cry and start to heal. I wouldn't look for other guys until after you have given yourself time to heal. Then when you have gotten him out of your system and you have healed, try looking for someone who can reciprocate your feelings for them back to you.


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  • that's kinda long, isn't it? 2.5 years and you still can't get over him?

    i don't think you should get your hopes up. he left you, he was very blunt about his feelings and I doubt things will change.

    i recommend you to stop talking to him completely, no contact and start dating other guys, because this is going nowhere.

    • i have dated other guys... but I just scant shake the thought of him, its so frustrating... trying to get over your first love when you have to see him every single day...

    • well I understand that it's hard, but obviously you're not doing yourself any favor by contacting him, and make things even harder for you.

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  • Forget him. He sounds shallow ("you don't fit in with my new friends?" please!). No contact, and focus on other people.


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