Heartbroken please help guys ...n girls

iv been with my guy 3years, we also lived together for a year, but split last year.to cut along story short...we talk every day on the phone and text each other all the time, every 3weeks or so we meet up for a few days and enjoy each others company and have sex, he lives 50miles away. I'm older then him, 10years but age is nothing.he was always free to meet new girls because we were just like best mates, he has now met a girl and says our meetings have to stop and I'm heartbroken, he isn't telling this new girl I even exist. so I think he was using me for sex all this time, but he must care for me ?do yous think? he even Skypes me for some fourplay still lol what shood I do? just carnt bare the thourght of never seeing him again xx


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  • Im so sorry this has happened to you Hun,. I know it is hard to imagine yourself with anyone else at this point, but at least for now, you're going to have to. Was he using yoiu for sex after he broke up with you? you bet. He was wanting to make a break from you but hadn't found anyone yet so he texted yoiu and talked to you and looks like he even drove 50 miles to have sex with you. But now he's met someone else. So just sit back and let him go for awhile. A lot of guys are like this. I don't think at yoiur guys ages it really had anything to do with anything, especially if you were together for that long. But, I can almost assure you, when him and the new girl break up, or even before that, when he gets tired of her, he will be back in contact with you, probably trying to be all nice and tell you how sorry he is. Don't buy it. He hurt you and now you're a better person for it, and now you can find someone else that won't take advantage of you like that.

    • aww thankyou so much huni, I'm going to take your advice...well al try me hardest anyways, xxxx

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  • get used to it.

    he's gone.

    and yeah, age is something. he's 20 you're 30 - you didn't actually believe this will stick right? no one wants to date a granny long-term.

    not to mention the distance. 50 miles? I mean...

    move on that's all I can say. and stop talking to him otherwise it will be difficult to get rid of all the feelings.

    sometimes you just need to make some clean cuts that hurt in your life and start building something new, and this is one of those cases.

    • hes 28 am 37 by the way x

    • even worse. you're almost forty. I mean, we all know what happens to women at that age - nothing pretty.

      i'm not saying that women at 40 can't look good but for a long-term he's probably more interested in 25 yo, not 40.

      he, as a guy, is going into his prime time. 30, 35, 40, oh man, I mean, just the best years of life... he's gonna look better, make more money, get his life in order, and you'd be how old? 40,45, 50 respectively. no-go.

      it's just not realistic.

  • OK OK OK... I understand you love him and that's why you let him take advantage.

    Yes he was seeing you for some extra activity. You can see that, so, the past is the past. You have learned from it. Remember the fun parts of it and then pick yourself up. Dust off and get back in the game.

    As for age...I believe it has nothing to do with it. People are attracted to others for all sorts of reasons. and they change their outlook from time to time. It does seem that he did not care for you that much, or he would have continued to be with you.

    Now, avoid him at all costs, no communication...change your email, phone number, etc... to move on you need to stop thinking about him.

    good luck and yes it gets better...


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