Do guys talk about their girlfriends 24/7 to make other girls jealous?

I've been friends with this guy for 5 years. We're real close! He recently got a girlfriend and he talks about her nonstop. If I say "I'm hungry" hell say "yeah last night Miranda was hungry so we went to McDonald's." or if I say "i need to get my toes done" hell say "oh yeah. That reminds me! I massaged Miranda's feet last night." like wtf! We never just have regular conversations anymore. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HER! It's pissing me off. Do y'all guys do this too?!
  • Yes I do. It's to make you jealous.
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  • Yes I do. But its not to make you jealous.
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i told him it aggravates me and he just said "her friends say she talks about me too much! I bet you wish you had a boyfriend like me" lol ill kill them both...


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  • Why would I care about other girls being jealous? I'd talk about my girlfriend mostly cause I'd find her and what she does interesting enough to share with others. But not like what that guy does.. that's kinda.. wtf. Sounds like he could possibly be saying it to gauge your interest. My bet is he was, at some point, interested in you, but either never said anything or was rejected and so, ya, moved onto another girl, but still interested in you somewhat. At least, that's one possibility. It could be he's just bragging. In which case, also annoying as hell.

    • Yes very annoying. Hopefully I don't have to kill em. Thanks:)

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What Guys Said 1

  • He's not making you jealous. It seems that he just wants to brag that he has a girlfriend.

    • Lol well I don't wanna hear it. How can I tell him nicely?

    • Simply tell him that you don't want to hear it.

    • That'll break his heart :( thanks

What Girls Said 2

  • Not everything's about you. He's just smitten.

    If it's bothering you, tell him. If he's your friend, he'll understand.

    • I didn't say it's about me sweetie. But it doesn't have to be about her lol apparently you don't know how aggravating it is for EVERY SENTENCE to end up the exact same way!

    • Oh, okay then. All the personal pronouns had me thinking you were speaking in first person.

      Although, I do know what it's like when everything a person says is about their significant other. A majority of my friends are guys & a few of them have done exactly what's described here. That's how I know what's going through the dude's head.

    • Lol I get it. I really do. I don't mind that he really likes her. But it's get to the point of being completely unnecessary. You know?

  • The guy is in love...we all do this to some extent.


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