I wrote a song in English and sang it, could you tell me your opinion (my English is bad it could be funny) :)


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  • You have potential. You're really good.

    • Was it really good? my English isn't so well, that's why I'm askin this :) and did you understand lyrics well :)

    • I didn't hear the lyrics well because there's the buzzing sound, so I just listened to the tune, and it's really good.

    • link what about this? :) do you think my voice is good?

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  • That's not the first song you've sang in English. Who could forget hits such as "my p**** taste like coca cola".

    • oh sorry pepsi cola... Guess it wasn't too hard to forget after all. =P

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    • link take it by the way hehe

    • And I wonder if you think without "smiles" and "stories" do you think could this be a good song? is that good?

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  • I'm commenting on this so I don't forget it. I can't listen to it now, but I will.

    • Can you help me about it please if the lyrics are correct or not :/ please?

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