Guys, help please? I need to get my boyfriend something really awesome for his birthday?

I know it shouldn't be about money or material objects, blah blah blah. But lets be honest, we all love awesome gifts!

What can I get him that's really awesome? My budget is $300 but it can cost anything from 0 - 300.

Oh and it's already a given that he gets awesome birthday sex and his favorite meal cooked for him so it needs to be something other than those things ;-)


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  • You don't know what to get him? Dam girl. You gotta pay more attention to your man. I know by the time my girlfriends birthday rolls around I always have her present bought and wrapped prior. You wait for a time when they see something and go "oh I just love that" or whatever and then sneak in when they're not looking and buy it. That way it's something they are guaranteed to love and often the thought that you were actually paying attention will exceed the gift itself.

    Drag him out shopping with you and wait until something catches his eye. That's my advise.

    • Unfortunately he never comments on anything that he really wants... other than super cars that cost millions! Lol. His Bday is more than a month away still but I don't wanna leave it to the last min.

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  • Borrow a camera and take footage of that awesome birthday sex. :D

    Say what you will but birthday sex is still very memorable. As far as any other gifts go, it depends on the person. I'm difficult to shop for though.

  • how long have you been together?

    What are some of his interests?

    • We've been together just under a year. He's a typical guy who is crazy about cars and gadgets. I have no knowledge on those things though.

    • I'm not, gift certificate, books, video games, sports/concert tix, some car accessory perhaps he's mentioned

  • A decent watch?


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