Is it me, or do women have a hard time saying exactly what's on their mind?

Why do women expect their guy to "know" what's going on with them, and why do they get angry when men can't read their minds? It's like they expect you "know" how they are feeling or how they are going to feel about something even when they haven't explained?


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  • Usually because they have been dropping hints, which they think are obvious.

    Women have no understanding of how their hints are invisible to guys.

    This leads to common problems in flirting, too. Just so you know.


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  • Like anonymous said, we women think our hints are subtle but most guys don't notice them. Furthermore, what you perceive as subtle is often obvious to us. We also tend to assume that you know what annoys us, even if you're doing the annoying things. You could say that we think you're being annoying on purpose even when you aren't aware of it. We're often irrational creatures.

    • Thanks for commenting and being honest. From time to time I have to agree with you.

  • Some do, I tell my man exactly what is on my mind though :)

  • I always explain very clearly what's going on with me, and men just get annoyed with all the "talking." Then they never do anything to fix it. They always do so much better when I keep my mouth shut, but still act like something is off. Then they'll be very apologetic and try to fix things because they're worried.

    • We do get annoyed by too much talking, but that's more about when you're talking about something that doesn't matter. But we're not mind readers. We're not girls, certainly things we aren't gonna pick up on. Also, If you are annoyed over something that isn't major it makes us less likely to listen. No offense, but females have a tendency to read a lot into a situation.

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    • Again, is there an echo in here? But there are plenty of irrational things men do as well that tick women off. Pointing at one thing that women sometimes do is ignoring the bigger picture. Plus I already said that I've tried that way, and I usually get much better results when I shut my mouth entirely. I even tried it again last night with my boyfriend just as an experiment. I told him what was wrong and he ignored me. I shut my mouth and acted distant, and he was all over me apologizing.

    • Manipuation...another thing that females have down to a science. Lol. Name some irrational things that men do? I'm curious. We certainly have our flaws. But women have been known to do some things that could be classified as "strange" even kinda dumb. I mean, for example: Girl meets her current Boyfriend while he is still in a relationship with another girl. But then believes that he is trustworthy enough to be in a relationship with = stupid lol. Men may do some dumb things, but not to that extent

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  • Well its pretty easy to tell when a girl is down, or out of wack. Its your job to ask her what's on her mind. If she doesn't feel like telling you, then clearly she's not for you.

    So clearly your dating the wrong girls.. Sorry to tell you that.

    • Probably true...I can see when they're upset, but the reason behind it often seems to not be anything major; or at least anything that I would have thought of on my own. For example a girl I dated a few months and continued to have contact with told me that she wasn't sure that I "liked" her because I hadn't said the words "I think you're pretty." Mind you, I told her that she looked nce when we went out and I continued to make plans with her. Seems obvious to me. By decuction.

    • lol Naw its not obvious. You have to tell them straight your pretty. Yea she could look nice, but that's just reference as to how you looked at her body in her clothing, you have to tell her striaght. Its like seeing someone who is gorgeous! You tell them YOUR GORGEOUS! lol So no its not the samething, you need a little fine tuning lol Its fine. The one that you do find pretty you will for sure call pretty. Just know that if she's meant for you, your words will fall into play properly.

    • Women walking pillars of paranoid insecurity lol. I guess I have to spell things out.

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