Any ideas/tips how to handle things?

Hello!The story is pretty big so sry for the huge wall of text!

I met this girl 3 years ago throu the net,we added each other to fb and we started talking there as well.Things were simple till we found out that we had feelings for each other.

She broke up with the other guy to be with me in a ldr.(I know many will say ldr is crap and so on,but it wasnt).We were together for 8 months till one day she broke up with me out of the blue(due to family issues).

The last 2 years we are fighting a lot there is too much tension,most people say cause we aren't together,sometimes we fought cause she was jealous that I was talking to other girls or cause of misunderstandings.

4 months ago she called me in Skype and she told me that she has feelings for me and that she still loves me.She was drunk but honest as she said,the next day she was distant and cold,really weird for some1 that says that she love u.I got annoyed at her for her behaivor and we fought about that.

Since then we had small and cold conversations.A few weeks ago she was trying to make me jealous,i got pissed and I was a bit rude at her,she was furious.The next day I sent her an apologising message to make things clear,her answer was that she want people who respect her and threat her well and that I shouldn't talk to her.Its pretty common to say I don't want to talk to you after a fight,her "quote" if you could say that.15 days later and she hasn't talked to me and I am worried that she won't talk to me,should I wait her to calm down or should I sent her a new message?


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  • You're better off without her. The long distance between the two of you is taking its toll.

    And also, the lack of your physical presence around her when she needs you the most is one of the determining factors why you fight a lot, and tensions easily rose.

    • Yea you are probably right about it,this is what mind says,but the heart has a different opinion and even after all this sh*t we can't remove each other from our minds.Keep in mind that after university I will be at her country for studies.

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