Is this a sign of a girl being nervous around me?

This girl at my school who I always thought liked me she would give me clues like starring. Walking past me numerous amount of times. Chiming into my Convo before. Well today it was just me and her going into school she was walking behind me and so I opened the door and let her go in first And she kind of hesitated I don't know if she thought I was going to go in but I was holding the door wide open for her so I looked at her and she walked in and she didn't say anything at first then in a very very low voice she says thanks! Was she nervous because it was me holding the door open or was this just a sign of she doesn't care she's not interested?


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  • She sounds shy, but interested, she hesitated so she could be around you longer.

    • So do you think her saying thanks very low and waited till she was halfway I'm the door was a sign of her being shy or nervous around me?

    • Definately both.

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  • Well, I'm shy my self so yeah I think she likes you she isn't doesn't really know what to do or how to act and is nervous just being alone with you and speaking to you. If you like her you should try to get to know her and get her comfortable around you and open her up. (=

  • she was shy but definitely interested. maybe she just isn't sure on how to act around you

    • So you think the low voice saying thank you is her being nervous or shy

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    • Oh OK thanks for the help

    • no problem. next time, try to talk to her and get to know her. good luck!

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  • Everyone's already answered this for you but if she didn't care and was not interested she wouldn't have said thanks. She likes you, but is just a little awkward showing you. If you like her just smile, talk and keep being nice around her her. Hope it helps;)


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