Gazing in my eyes without saying anything?

There's this guy in my Calculus class who I talk to on occasion. We have mutual friends in the class and it's pretty much a big family. Anyways, in the past he has made some dumb comments but I guess that's his nature. i.e. one time, he would not shut up about the fact that I was wearing fishnets. He messes with people, so I disregard him a lot, and he was dating someone but they broke up. I DEFINITELY would not call him a serial player or whatever. But still, unusual.

Anyways, today we had an extended class and during the break, I was sitting at my desk and he just came up to me, and I looked up and he was looking at me and we locked eyes and the butterflies came but I was like hey, it's him! He's just messing with you, but I still couldn't help but notice how he came up to me and how he said nothing. He is honestly, a bizarre mystery, much smarter than I am, and I don't think I like him, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a thing there, idk. Do guys gaze/stare into girls' eyes on purpose without saying anything or?


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  • If he's the type to toy with you, that might be what he is doing with the intense staring.

    And he probably really LIKED the fishnets, he's just clumsy about how to say that. He's embarrassed to just tell you he finds you attractive.

    He's a nerdy guy, as you describe him, so he is socially awkward.

    But I think he's getting the message across now! It's up to you to respond to him at this point.


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  • Most of the guys I know do that because they want to show how attracted they are to a girl, and also, it can be used to gauge if she's interested in him as well.


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  • it seems like he has a thing for you...if you sorta like him then go with it if he he is only playing you can be like huh,me too...but for the record guys don't just gaze into a girls eyes if they don't like them.


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