I don't understand anymore, what should I do

so I said this mean thing to this girl I like back in September. Don't wanna say what it was, anyways, she stopped talking to me and said she felt uncomfortable around me now. I had felt guilt about what I said ever since then. I did say sorry to her and she said she was OK with the apology even if she is still unconformable with me still. Prior to my stupid saying, it seemed like she was interested in me and I was trying to search for an opportunity to ask her out during that time. Recently she forgotten her jacket in class, I noticed that she wasn't holding like she usually was then saw it was on the desk she was sitting at, I took it and brought it back to her friend since it was still kind of awkward to be around her. All of a sudden I started getting confused because she started looking at me, like I would be sitting down then see her staring at me, or see her with my peripheral vision just staring at me at, when I would look back at her she would be turn the other way, red in the face and shaking her leg. Maybe I'm too out of it to understand right now but, can anyone explain to me what is going on? If she is interested in me again then what the hell do I do


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  • It seems that she really likes you a lot still now. You should try talking to her a lot.

    Better yet, invite her to hang out with you often. That way, you , two, can get closer to each other.


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