My boyfriend of 7months didn't have x-mas presents for my kids

Please tell me how you would feel, and what you would do if your boyfriend didn't have Christmas presents for your children, even though you brought Christmas presents for both his parents, when he took you along just weeks ago, to meet his family in kansas.

I need your input please!?
*just weeks before..., to meet his family*


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What Guys Said 1

  • It must be that he's financially drained so he gave gifts to whoever is the most important. That's why he chose his parents.

    • He's a helicopter pilot, he is OK with money. I think he's not considerate enough.

What Girls Said 1

  • Hm.. well. Christmas was FOREVER ago. It's kind of weird that you're freaking out about him not buying your kids presents in March. But whatever...

    Um, well.. My stepfather doesn't even buy the children in my family presents. He pays for them, but he doesn't pick them out or anything. Not even for his own kids.

    He probably didn't know that he was expected to buy your kids presents. I really don't think that's a big deal. Honestly, I find it a bit odd that you went through the trouble of buying his parents presents when you've only just met them, lol.

    • True yeah, I bought them presents, because it was before Christmas, and they were entertaining me and cooking for me, So I thought it would be propper to get them a gift.

      But, I did want to get opinions her, because I was thinking of others occasions where I thought he might not be considerate of me much. And that's very important to me, to me it is a way to show one cares. Thanks!

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