What to do, GFs dad is an a**hole?

Not to me, he likes me. But he treats her like crap. He insults her and is emotionally abusive.

Whenever I see him I pretend like I don't know about it, but my girlfriend has called me crying I don't know how many times about things her dad says to her.

I'm worried about the situation. First, what do I say to her? I can tell her he's wrong all the time but its not like that'll help.

Also, the saying that girls like guys that are like their dads, des this mean I'm an a**hole? I try to be as nice to her as possible, and I know I'm not perfect and we fight occasionally. But am I like her father?


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  • i am in a similar situation. my dad gets very very mean and has said many hurtful things over the years.

    it won't help. there's not much she can do and it's a hard situation.

    just listen to her, tell her he's wrong and how you are here to care for her and she is a great girl and should not listen to him. it helps to have a shoulder to lean on.

    it doesn't mean you are an a**hole.

    not at all.

    it depends on the girl but I think sometimes when we are so aware of bad behavior we feel repulsed and find someone who is different. I am repulsed by how my dad acts and I am conscious of his behavior so I weigh guys AGAINST him, if that makes sense.

    so sorry. just give her a chance. she's going through hell, it's such a hard situation when the man who was supposed to love you and make you feel special makes you feel low and worthless!


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  • NO you're not like her father. A guy who is like her father wouldn't be worried about the situation. You obviously care about her. Either you can both sit down and have her talk to him and you can be there for support. I suggest you don't talk to him about the situation by yourself, he would most likely lash out and it might make things worse. But do your best to support her and get her away from home when she needs to get out.


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  • girls also want a guy who will protect them and make them feel safe. so why don't you step up to the plate, be a man and tell her dad the leave her the f*ck alone or you'll rip off his balls and shove them up his ass.


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