I don't know what went wrong...

So I guess I'd like to know if I totally overreacted with my now ex or should I just give in and apologize? It's so easy to give other people advice but always hard to take your own!

So tonight my boyfriend and I had a date night. We went to dinner then saw a comedy show. Everything was great. I was happy all day and was happy to see him after not seeing him for 5 days...he seemed fine to me..maybe a bit tired but not grumpy. We were walking back to the car and he said "why do I have to go to the bathroom so much"..I said.."I dunno" he went a lot during dinner and the show bcus we had a few drinks and he drinks a lot of water. Instead of saying all that I just said I don't know in a very casual whatever way. He mumbles something in the car and I said what did you say then he says..."I was talking to myself and you didn't have to answer." His response and tone totally threw me off but all I said was..whoa chill out all I said was I don't know. Then he argues with me saying I'm trying to start a fight and I said he didn't have to be rude. It all goes downhill from there and he says I always start a fight and says I'm annoying. I told him to repeat what he said and he said I'm annoying again bcus I wanted to hear it. I said well if I'm so annoying then just drop me off when we get back. He said OK. I thought he was being rude for absolutely no reason! His response was so unnecessary. We've had our shares of ups and downs and my main thing was him saying whatever he felt like bcus he was mad. He would say really hurtful things that put me down but it's justifiable bcus I call him rude and a jerk and d***. So I guess this was just the final straw. Instead of being an mature adult and talk it out the moment we got back, I grabbed my bag and walked out. He didn't stop me and instead asked for his house key since I have it. I ignored him and kept going. He texted me pretty much saying how he was tired of us fighting over the same thing and that I always think he's rude and I start all of our fights when really I feel like he's the one who starts them and I usually end up giving in and apologizing for whatever just so we can stop fighting. If I don't apologize he won't no matter what. So he pretty much broke up with me over text.

I get that if he's such a jerk to me I should've left him a long time ago. But it's hard when you care about them and its not always bad when he's not being like..bipolar or saying f'ed up things to me when he's irritated. Was this whole break up necessary? Should I fix it before I lose someone who I care about?


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  • The break up is really necessary because he's not really the guy for you. He gets easily irritated, and he makes a big deal out of small things.

    Don't try to fix it. It's a lost cause already.

    Find a better guy who will really care and understand you.


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  • I feel like there is more going on in the relationship than what you wrote above.

    I get the impression that he is finding an excuse/way out to break up and get out of the relationship. he is picking fights so he as a reason to break up. (which he clearly did)

    how long have the two of you been dating? for sure if its short term, cut your losses and move on.

    you need to ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who you never know how they are going to act on a day to day basis.

    i would say he isn't worth it...

    • We were FWB for 9 months then I wanted more and he didn't so I ended things. A few days later he missed me and regretted his words and decision and apologized and we've been official for 3 months. The thought of him doing this on purpose crossed my mind! But then I don't think he would act like that. We were holding hands and kissed and he wouldn't spend his money on me if I was a waste of time. There are underlying problems...we fight about him being rude and saying whatever he feels like befor

    • And you're right..I asked myself that question and I definitely don't want to be with someone who acts like that. I do try to not say certain things incase he'll get mad and I've learned to let a lot of things go when it comes to him. It shouldn't be like that. Thank you for your advice :)

    • never change who you are for someone else. someone who truly cares about you will like you for who you are. even all of your flaws.

      dont even bother with this guy anymore. good luck :)

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