Why do I hate being girly?

It used to be my life, I would spend hours on my make up and hair and go shopping for new clothes all the time, I was so confident then too, I would talk to anyone, flirt, etc. Now when I do those things I feel conceded and I think its a waste of time and money... I have the attitude of a 50 year old mom! I refuse to do anything girly, I feel fake when I do, Why such a change, I used to be SUCH a girlie girl, always smiling and happy... This was while I had a boyfriend and the change happened towards the end of the relationship, I just got really depressed... I also gained like 15 lbs... I don't know if its because of him or what, I also hate bringing attention to myself I rather just fade into the background, when guys approach me I usually turn them down right away, even act bitchy and sometimes make fun of them a little, I never used to be like this, why did this happen? How do I get out of this rut?


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  • At some point in your life, someone or something might have made you feel bad about yourself. It is a sign of depression to not take care of yourself. You deserve to be feminine and indulge that part of yourself, there is nothing wasteful or fake about it. I think if you slowly start your old habits back up that'll really help you. I went through the same thing and now I have made more effort in my appearance and I'm feeling like my old self again! Taking care of yourself is a luxury every woman should indulge in. It's not just a want it's food for your soul.


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  • It's because you suffered break-up, depression and became bitter. You said that yourself.

    How do you get over it? Well.. maybe seeing a psychologist would help.. your situation is something similar what happened to Jimmy from "Ed, Edd 'n Eddy" when they scammed him and he realized that 'unicorns aren't real' - it turned him into a perpetual, walking bad-mood incarnate

  • You basically answered your own question. You spoke of being happy and doing girlie girl type things but towards the end of your relationship you were unhappy and you stopped doing it. Basically it appears that you were slowly slipping into depression, either from being unhappy in the relationship or because you knew it was going to end.

    Depending on how long the relationship lasted and how deep the emotional impact was will probably be a good indicator as to what caused it and how long it will take to recover from it. Prolonged bouts of depression should be a indicator that you may need some sort of therapy and/or medical intervention.


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  • I'm not girly. It IS a waste of money, time, and resources. I still get hit on all the time. Even though I wear jeans and a -shirt, don't wear make up, and barely do anything with my hair aside from brush it. You're lucky if I even throw it up in a ponytail.

    You just have to get over yourself. Sorry, but that's the best advice I have for you. You just have to make yourself do it. That's all there is to it. Hit the gym if you don't like your weight, eat healthier, force yourself to dress up, I guess. But really, your self worth is not defined by how you dress.


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