Should I go after her?

Hey ppl! I met this cute girl by chance in the laundry rooms in the student's residence I live. When I saw her, she said "hallo" to me (I study in a German-speaking country). My German is rather basic and I understood she had to take my clothing out from the washing machine as it was ready and she needed it. Then she started talking to me and she knew some stuff about me, she knew where I was from (a Spanish-speaking country), what was my major, and even my name. Normally I should have freaked out but since she was cute I didn't care that much. She told me she studied a major taught in English (so do I), and I thought to myself why she simply spoke in English then and was keeping me struggling with my basic German! I was at that moment in a in a turmoil-like relationship with another girl and actually I had to meet her afterward. Finally my previous relationship was over and I thought every now and then about this girl I met at the laundry room. One day I met this girl half from a German-speaking country/half from a Spanish speaking country and as soon as we met (I had written an e-mail to her for academic reasons, didn't even know which face matched the name) she praised my German language skills (we were talking in English so the previous comment was unexpected), when she realized my confused expression (I guess) she said that we talked in the laundry room some weeks ago. She ended up also speaking Spanish as a native speaker (funny fact first time we spoke German and then we were speaking English when we could be all the time speaking Spanish). I happen to start liking her, she is on holiday now and I would like to start my strategy to go for her as she come back. Do you see any chances with the scenario I am showing you? I mean, why she knows stuff about me even before we actually met? Thank you.
Perhaps I need to point out why I wasn't able to recognize the girl the second time we met. The answer is pretty simple: I SUCK at faces and names if I don't see or listen to them only once :)


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