What is a good 2 year Anniversary Present?!

Me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary is on Sunday. He's taking me out and I don't know what to get him!

I'm going to the mall later and was thinking a watch? But my price range is CHEAP, like $20 maximum.

Or what's another good gift idea?


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  • $20 is still enough to work with. Why not a small picnic within that range? Some sandwiches and drinks, even take out while on a hike or something. You can even rent out some cute camping spots for free, but that is if you have the needed supplies and food. I'd suggest doing something worth remembering. Gifts are nice, but it seems more genuine if you do it from your heart and it means something. Perhaps make his favorite meal as someone mentioned or make him a gift like a picture frame with your two as the photo.


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  • Simply cook him a meal.

    He will be satisfied, his hunger is gone, tasted a delicious meal, tasted your heartfelt dish, and it's cheap.


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  • Get something you know he likes and maybe add a twist to it.

    If he loves lava lamps get him but put your name on the base or happy two year..something special to that occasion.

    You could buy matching t shirts. A show..or get a plain one and decorate it.

    His fav cd...make him a playlist on his ipod

    Something fun and unique because two years is a long time :) so it should be special

    And like Aercz said, food can be good too.

  • yeah like others have said I'd maybe make him a meal you know he'll love. or go for a picnic. bake his favorite cookies. maybe get his favorite candy if he has one. not really sure what else you could get for under 20 bucks. go out to the movies?


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