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So, I have a mom and a dad like most normal people but what's not normal is the fact that they are always grumpy and mean. Most parents I know or friends that have parents for act near like mine. For example my parents always go around trying to find stuff that they know I didn't do just so they can be mad about it and complain that I never try to do anything that I actuall try to do, I can mop the floor and miss one speck of dirt (litterally) and they will stand and say you didn't try redo it. Also my dad thinks he has to stand over me and tell me how to do everything. Like when there is spilled water on the counter or something he thinks he has to call me in there and give me step by step instructionsn on how to clean up the water on the counter when I do it eery single day.. And last why don't they believe me when I say things? I have never done anything bad like most kids when there parents never believe them and I don't even really remember the last time that I lied. Please help and tell me what I can do to improve or get them to change. This is how its been and how I assume it will always be :( thanks


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  • Simply just be obedient, and appreciate them a lot verbally.


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