Sister is splitting up with partner after 6 years, afraid things will change too much?

This may sound silly but here it goes. Long story short: my sister met someone and moved to another country, they've been together for over 5 years, got a civil partnership and all. No kids though.I get along great with her family in law, I see them as my own family as well and love them dearly. A couple of days ago my sister told me she was leaving her wife (yes, not husband, wife). She decided this half a year ago. Now first I'm shocked that they are splitting up, I love those people to bits and I'll miss them so much, I just don't want them out of my life. Second, I'm upset she waited half a year to tell me... Third: she already met someone else. It would feel like a betreyal to my sister's ex if I like the new girl...

Sorry this sounds silly but it's quite hard to cope with this. Any advice?

No rude comments or silly things please.


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  • About your first statement, you can still be friends with her ex's family. Have a great time with them. It's not as if you were the one who broke up with her ex.

    Second, she waited half a year because she wants to weigh the possible options and consequences she will incur.

    Third, it's not betrayal.

    • But it would be weird to visit them when I go over to that country if my sister doesn't wanna join me..

    • Friendship is the one thing you must always treasure, no matter what.

    • That's true. Thank you for your answer!

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