Should I let him try someone else?

Been with my partner 17 years we are still young 36 and 34,we have a very active sex life an 3 kids he's a bit of a sex addict lol,but lately he says sex feels the same and he can't feel himself ejeculate,he has been asking me to let him try someone else obut id rather he went to an escort to see if its me or him.Im scared to let him try someone else in case he does like it an won't come back,he says we are not over but doesn't seem to understand how I'm feeling,making me feel a lot like crap he doesn't understand that sometimes up to 4 times a day for 17 years he might be loosing sensation always seems to think its all me :(
he has said I get a little to wet so I suggested surprising me and not get me wound up,im willing to let him try an escort just not one near us where I could run into them I do love the bugger to bits so willing to try odd thing
No don't think I could handle that id be an emotional wreck


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    Check out those links and get a little more insight.

    I'd say if you are with someone who's willing to try it, and give it up immediately if it hurts you, that it might work in your situation.

    I've got a strong sex drive and could handle the sensual side of things, but it would take an amazing woman to be the object of all my love and to reciprocate if we were both having flings on the side. I get jealous in the emotion department.

    • Maybe you just need some spice in the sex department. Have you considered cosplay (dressing up as other people), trying new toys, or buying him a fleshlight?

      There's also couple's therapy, to talk about it, if it's causing serious problems.

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  • dont think you should accept this, because its not you, most guys love it when girls get really wet, and if he's a bit of a sex freak, then its him that needs help, not you, but never agree to him betraying you, this is something you should demand never happens. Keep your self respect and if he insists, then tell him, if he can't handle what he has in you, then your look for something else and he can do what he likes then, because then the relationship is over. Do not think your love is enough to save this relationship if you aree to his betrayal, because you will both fall apart, and be hurt beyond repair, get some help, do not think that his infedelity will solve any problems.x

  • dont do it its a bad road of trust issues for both of you...

  • i agree with what the other person said haha

  • Thats ridiculous, its him, he just wants to sleep with someone else, and not get in trouble for it, typical.


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