Do men purposefully put up walls if they don't want to become intimate with a girl?

I started dating this guy... it has been AWESOME until recently. I was really starting to think he was the one... until lately. We used to stay up late on the phone talking all the time... the conversation never stopped. All of the sudden, we have nothing to talk about! He doesn't share anything personal with me... I try to be super open with him and tell him about my day and talk about really intimate details of my life and he doesn't do any of that back. I feel like there is something he doesn't like about me... and he's purposefully not disclosing anything. Do guys do that?

I find that when I say certain things he really... shuts down. For example, if I am sarcastic... he just looks really confused. I've stopped trying to be sarcastic, but it seems like I've already killed things so to speak? We go to dinner and he just stares at me to talk... It's actually extremely awkward. It's hard to have a conversation with someone who just keeps smiling and nodding and saying "aw it's okay." It's like he doesn't really care about anything I have to say... and that he doesn't want to share anything with me about himself.

What's going on here? Maybe it's time to end things. It seems like he wants me to be "the one" but isn't willing to be open with me? I wonder why though. I also wonder why he continues to ate me if he really feels that way. Maybe he doesn't know?
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  • i don't know it would seem odd for a guy to do this if he was trying to date the girl

    • seems like he'd want to ask q's right?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Idk but he has nothing to talk about or just an introvert who doesn't express his feelings and conservative.

    • We are both pretty introverted. Maybe that's the problem lol. Maybe I didn't explain it well... but he looks bored with what I'm saying... I'm bored with talking... but if I don't talk he just sits there, winks at me, says nothing. It's really awkward...

    • They way to do it is go out and buy drinks(alcohol) guarantee feelings will come out and when your head swimming with joy you both will be comfortable. Don't make it into a habit though.

    • haha but he doesn't drink

What Girls Said 1

  • Honey maybe he really is just an introvert. Like, there are guys that don't really say much about things, they just stare at the girl's face and look at her talk lol. But they're into the girl. They're the listeners-type. :)

    • I'm pretty sure that isn't the case here :/ We're both pretty introverted. I'm bored with listening to myself talk and he seems bored too :( What happened to our love? He used to be so chatty... I'd have to finally tell him I needed to get off the phone and go to bed... and now we just sit there with nothing to talk about.

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    • and what was your reply on that?

    • that maybe we just needed to get to know each other better

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