Guy says he likes me too much to see me

He says he's hesitant to see me more than once every two weeks because he likes me more than he thinks he should

He says he's used to being alone

I told him I want to take it slow- advice?
Background- he's 25, tall dark and handsome- well build but growing up he was picked on a lot for being tall and skinny and he liked acting in plays and playing video games

Then he joined the navy, and now works in special forces- he's done 3 tours in Afghanistan (or 4 can't remember)

He's only had one girl ever meet his parents and that was when he was 16

I don't think he's ever had a serious girlfriend or if he has it's been a long while.


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  • It seems that he really wants to take it slow or he'll end up being with you, break up and never contact each other again and that must be what he fears the most.

    • Why would that have to happen? Surely it's illogical to plan our end before we really even have a beginning.

    • Some people just over think sometimes.

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  • what sort of advise are you looking for? He wants to go slow. You want to go slow.

    SO GO SLOW ! duh lol

    what am I missing?

    • I guess more so I was looking for a little insight. I don't normally like a guy then say to the guy I like you but I can't see you to often. And I can't see you too often because I like you. In my head that sounds ape sh*t crazy. But I'm not a guy, so I thought a guy might be able to tell me a bit more from his side if this is a common feeling guys get

    • If I like a girl I would and never or ever did say that I can't see you as often, sorry not what you wanted to hear I'm sure. The way it is written suggest that he wants to see you more if you want him to.? kinda

What Girls Said 1

  • Let him set the pace. Don't pressure him to see you more than he wants to. When you do hang out, be happy, playful, and fun. Keep yourself busy during the down time. It can be incredibly scary to develop strong feelings for someone when you don't think you're ready and didn't really want to find someone to feel that way about in the first place. With enough space, he'll be able to get use to the feelings and the idea of something more serious.

    • I'm not a guy, but I can empathize with him. When I jest became single and started thinking about dating, I decided I wanted some superficial dates. Nothing serious. No real feelings. No deep conversations. Just someone who I enjoy. Certainly no LOVE. That's all I felt ready for and all that I felt safe with. Then I met a guy and I could tell pretty quickly that he was going to be the type is want "more" with eventually. It scared me to the point that I almost stopped seeing him.

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    • I don't know if he could love you or not yet. Frankly, for me, what terrified me was that I could foresee myself developing strong feelings if I continued seeing him. Not that they were already there. Honestly, I think if he were in love with you he'd be over the "take it slow" thing. He could just know that there's a strong possibility he WILL fall in love with you, and that could absolutely terrify him.

    • Yeah that sounds more plausible and honestly less scary! Haha I think if he loved me already I'd freak out a little! :P I mean dang it's been about a month, that's a little quick for love now matter how awesome I am ;)

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