Guys, the What If barrel: Say you were a vampire and the only way you could...

...get sustanence was from the d*** vein of a male animal, any animal, though human would be the best: could you make it as a vamp?

Sidenotes: NO you can't: have it given to you, have a woman get it and then you bite her, and no blood swapping mouth to mouth. LoL

You have to collect it tooth & lip. lol

Ladies, if you want your version juSt make the appropriate changes.


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  • sure ill bite a "kitten" if my life depended on it. Hell ill even have my boyfriend supervise in case something goes wrong...

    lmao this question is damn funny.


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  • sure why not, if I was a vampire and I

    needed it for survival, in the process

    I could rip it off and keep it on me

    as a midnight snack.. ^.~

    • Killing your donner by proxy so they can't go back and say they just got an awesome bj from a pseudo-gay vamp, huh? lol

    • I'd do the EXACT same thing.

      There's no WAY that dude gets to live after that. What if he sees one of my eternal vamp acquaintances? Or worse yet, turns because (Ew! At the thought!)

  • I wouldn't survive as a vampire.

  • loophole time, all veins connect to the heart, I could just get the blood from the heart (after brutally dissecting the body) :D

  • Depends on what kind of cool vampire powers I get, as well as the weaknesses I have as a vampire. Some cool powers could make up for it. I could always just start a cattle ranch or something. I wouldn't have to turn to using humans.


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