(Girls) What would you do/say if these people told you you're beautiful?

1. Your psychiatrist. (male) (Assuming you have one, pretend that you do.)

2. A plastic surgeon (male).

3. A man who works at a souvenir shop in a place highly visited and where there are lots of tourists.

4. A portrait artist drawing you a portrait of your face. (female).

5. Your boss (female).

6. A doctor (female).

7. Old ass people. (Either gender).

So what would your reaction be? Would you think they're being sincere? What would you say?
Oh also

8. People, or a person, (either gender) in a mental hospital.


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  • 1. Its his job to improve self esteem.

    2. I'd be waiting for the but... You could lift here, tuck there,

    3. Its his job.

    4. An artists eye sees the world differently. It may not mean you're beautiful but more that they find your features interesting. I know after sketching someone you see them in a new light

    5. Cool, thanks, whatever.

    6. Its their job to also care for your mental health.

    7.Thanks, you're sweet, if not a little senile.

    8. Thanks, its the meds

    I don't put much emphasis on compliments, there are but an opinion nothing more.

    • Ok so basically you're saying that all of these people have lied to me? That's great, thanks.

      1. No, I saw him once every few months. For a maximum of 15 minutes. He only gave me medication, he wasn't my therapist... he had no reason whatsoever to improve my self esteem.

      2. Anyone could use something I'm sure, but a plastic surgeon? They're usually pretty harsh.

      3. No, it's not his job. His job is to sell things not tell girls they're beautiful. And telling someone they're beautiful isn't going

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    • Chill the f*** out. You asked a question I answered it, stop taking everything so f***ing seriously. If someone pays me a compliment I say thanks and move on. I don't put a whole pile of thought into the meaning behind it and I certainly don't go around thinking "oh such and such said I'm beautiful so I am" but I don't think if I'm not paid a compliment then I must be ugly/fat/whatever. I don't live my life based off what random people think.

    • If all these people think you're beautiful then take it as you wish. Don't ask a question on the internet about it and then go on a rage because someone doesn't answer it as you want them to.

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  • I would say what I always say, "Oh cool. Thank you". Since I can't read minds, I don't know if they mean it or not. It doesn't matter though. Its the correct way to accept a compliment, for me at least.

    • I don't understand why people assume all these people are lying, it makes a person feel kind of bad.

  • 1. It'd make me uncomfortable. I feel it's unprofessional (I don't handle compliments well to begin with).

    2. I'd be surprised at him giving me his personal opinion, but I'd probably be happy he thinks so.

    3. I'd probably be flattered

    4. I'd be really flattered because she's probably seen a lot of faces.

    5. I tend to make close friends with female bosses, so I'd appreciate the compliment.

    6. My doctor is female and she's a little wacky lol (jokingly told me to get a boyfriend because my virginity was causing yeast buildup). So I'd be happy about the compliment.

    7. I serve primarily old people at my job, and I get compliments from them every day. They're so sweet. :)

    8. I'd smile and say thanks.

    • I'm glad you think this way, not so negatively like most peoople.

  • They're all delusional.

    • You're way too hard on yourself!

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