Colleges in UK for bio-technology...?

i am an undergraduate and studieng biology in CBSE board. I wish to study biotechnology after 12th grade. can you suggest colleges in UK which are good and their fee plus the qualifications?

also I am good in English.

i am also interested in psycology but it is not in my syllabus of CBSE... can I study psycology for diploma without having studied it in 11th and 12th grade since it wasn't an option here.

also, which career is more promising and better? out of English (ph.d) or psycology or biotechnology.?

personally I love English and I'm keenly into psycology. I don't know much about biotechnology.

thank you for your help :)


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  • well, I study medical and pharmeceutical biotechnology but back when I was looking for university I wanted to settle in germany or switzerland so I chose to study at a place near that.

    I study at FH Krems in Austria and the course is completely in English and the semester fee is 350 euro

    its a nice place and its located in a quiet city near Vienna, the city is sometimes boring but after all we are here to study lol so if you haven't set your mind 100% on UK you should have a look :3

    i am not sure about uk but I was also accepted at the university of manchester with biochemistry which is almost the same as biotechnology and the fee back then was about 3300 GBP per semester but it might be higher now


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