Meeting an ex when he has a new gf?

My ex and I dated for 2 years whilst at uni. He moved back home and we broke up in October due to the distance (UK and Asia). He said he'd like to remain friends etc, but that slowly died down. After a few months, we would only speak if I initiated contact. I told him last month that I'd leave him be - I didn't want to be the one putting in the effort if it wasn't mutual. He called me up drunk to tell me he didn't want me to stop speaking to him etc. Anyway, I found out he has a new girlfriend. It's a girl he went to high school with whom he dated before he came to uni. They were quite close and good friends, but weren't in much contact. They have been together about a month and they're in love apparently. I'm visiting Asia in the next couple of weeks, and he wants to meet up. I told him there was no reason to as he's moved on and has a new girlfriend, but he insists we should, that he'd like to show me around like he said he would and that it would be nice to see me. What do I do? The last time I saw him we were together and happy. We were in love and I think if it wasn't for the distance we'd be together. Is it a good idea to meet? Is it going to be easy for him because he has a new gf? And what is the best way to play this out if we do meet?


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  • He just wants to reinitiate your friendship.

    He has a girlfriend so he just want to be with you as a friend.

    It doesn't mean that when you broke it off and he has a new girl that you two are now strangers to each other.

    • He's not really one to stay in touch with ex's.

      He becomes quite patronising when he speaks to me about meeting - as though he is better than me in some way, or that I NEED to see him. I don't want him to feel like he is doing me a favour by meeting me.

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