This girl at work told me to not be so nice

It's funny cause a few days earlier she was complaining about what a pain in the ass her boyfriend was and how she's trying to find a new man. So anyways she said I was too nice and shouldn't be so helpful. While I guess in real life I wouldn't be but since we are co workers I was thinking along the lines of we're supposed to help one another out as a team. She told me I was too nice and I should stop but not today. I was like wtf? So after that she kept wanting me to help her so I kinda quit helping and actually made it harder for her. I told her my niceness wore off after that statement. Now this girl is really nice to me and she knew I wasn't mad or anything like that and we still talk and everything. I was so caught off guard by her saying that. I don't think she knows what it's like to be with a good guy. What do you think about her saying that? I'm not attracted to her of anything otherwise I guess I would have teased her about being too demanding all the time. This actually kind of pissed me off. You have a nice guy who doesn't mind helping you every so often and you say don't be helpful.


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  • She was implying that she likes you and if you kept being nice she would fall for you!

    • lol. I don't know about that. I have a feeling she doesn't run into too many good guys.

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  • I think you should revert back to your initial principals. She obviously learned now that you two are capable of being really nice and helpful as either of you feel be. There was no reason to take it so hard but you should have asked her for an apology since you were offended.

    Interesting note; you say "she knew I wasn't mad or anything.." but this is contradicted when you say "This actually kind of pissed me off." You need to accept the fact that you were indeed offended and tell her you appreciate her change in behavior but you still want her to acknowledge what she did was disrespectful.

    • Yeah I mean mainly I was just being nice cause it's a work environment. Now if I playfully said, what do you think I am your servant? That's proabably what I would say in any other setting, but I probably would get in trouble if a manager walked by and heard that cause they may not think I wasn't serious. It did make me kind of made but I didn't let it show. That's what I meant.

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