Google Chromebook anybody have one?

Thinking this might be a decent deal for the price and I need a new laptop soon (mine is over 5 years old! ) since it's having issues. Plus I really like my android phone and it's a google product. So anybody have one and what do you think about it? I have a VAIO right now if that matters.


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  • My buddy has the Samsung Chromebook and, while it's a little too small for me (I like huge screens more than portability), I could get nearly all of my normal daily work done on one without a problem.

    A few things to be aware of: though many apps have a "work offline" mode, they are really made to be always connected to the Internet. For most folks, that's not a big problem. I can tether to my cell phone easily if I'm away from a WiFi hotspot.

    The other thing is that they don't run traditional desktop apps. Most days, I can do everything I need inside a browser, but I *do* use some high-powered apps (video and photo editing) and a couple of games, and the cloud isn't quite ready for that, though even that is changing.

    Since I *do* have a desktop for "power" use, I could easily use a Chromebook for everything I would use a laptop for, and the price is certainly low enough. My main issue is that they are too small; I could live with a 15" screen that was 1920x1080 (or better x1200), but I can't live with a 12-13" that's 1366x768. Plenty of people disagree, and much prefer the smaller size and easy-to-carry-around portability that you get with that size.

    As long as you are okay with the size, and don't NEED to run big desktop apps, then you'd probably be perfectly happy with a Chromebook, especially since you are already Google-centric, and you simply can't beat the price.

    • Yeah other than random writing things, I basically use my laptop for surfing the web. Not a big gamer and that's why I have a wii.

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  • Google is spyware.

  • Depends what you want it for. For general internet tasks that many people do except for gaming, it's fine. For the price of the cheaper ones, it's good for what it is. But what I really want is a chromebook pixel.

  • Yep, not a giant fan of it tbh.


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