3 Years later... Still no real direction.

Well When I joined this site 3 years ago or 2 years and a half. I started here because I wanted anwsers about my break up at the time. And I looked through the questions I asked and some are not so pretty. But now that I think about it...

I am really confused about everything! Basically life in general.

3 years ago I was depressed because of a girl and I was a college dropout and I felt worthless...

Now I work at a decent job and I'm close to getting a associates degree.. So seems like I should be happy about the near future.. but. I'm not.

For one reason.. and its a really stupid reason but because I haven't dated anyone since the break up. I have met girls but for one reason or another something goes wrong and I get stood up, and that has happened at least 10 times and I'm getting really tired of it and I want to meet a decent woman. And since I haven't I start thinking about my ex. And she is now happy with her new boyfriend.

I need a little advice I'm starting to workout again... doing some MMA training mainly to get in shape. And people have noticed especially the ladies but still no cigar! I guess I need to be patient but I've been patient for 3 years. So I really don't know what else to do?

I think I know why I think about my ex. And I'm trying to stop that.

But now it's the feeling like I'm not doing anything in my life even though I'm in better shape than 3 years ago.

If anybody would like to leave a opinion or comment I will appreciate it a lot.


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  • Simply meet more women.


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