Can women easily put guys in their place, compared to guys putting girls in their place?

Like lets say a girl and guy were arguing, do you think that girls can easily insult the guy so much by saying harsh words just to hurt his feelings, while if the guy insults her, she'll just laugh and not take him seriously... does this make's guys look like second class citizens and girls are more superior?

Have there ever been guys who won an argument by easily saying cruel stuff towards a girl (alot better) compared to her saying cruel stuff towards him?


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  • No. Women have no insecurities at all. They are perfect in every way and they know it. You can never win.

    • Not necessary, that's just a figure of speech.

    • Of course you can hurt their feelings. Men do it all the time. Those are the bad boys the women love.

    • I have seen some of my female friends who back off when they were arguing with their boyfriends and ended up asking for apology from them.Maybe I live in the society dominated by men so I can't exactly say you are wrong.Perhaps the culture there is different.

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  • Are you kidding?

    You don't insult a woman. You don't get into a yelling match. You're a man, a real man is in control of his emotions. Women are not in control of their emotions all of the time. If a woman insults you, she really shouldn't be able to hurt your feelings with words. If she's trippin', I simply ignore or leave and dow what ever I wanted to to anyway. You are only manipulated by a women if you allow it. Usually, becuause you're weak.

  • F*** no only a bitch loses an argurment to a woman I've never lost and which ever girlfriend in my past or right now I've gotten in an argurment in with always loses. If you lose you are either p**** whipped or just don't want the stress.

  • Depends entirely on the individual. I've known guys who consistently win arguments with volume.


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