He posted a picture on Facebook with his new girlfriend. Why do guys do this?

I was with my boyfriend for over 2 years. then things didn't work out, he was a little crazy, he wanted to control me all the time and he broke up with me because I decided to go out when he didn't want me to. Anyways, that was in December and since then he still calls me a lot and text me. some days just to say hi and some days to ask if I'm with someone and that would hurt him a lot if I do. other days he calls to say that he misses me and he wants me back.

He is in the military and recently he called to say that he will be deployed and he wants to say good bye to me and he misses me and that he wants to know if I'm with someone. just today he posted a pic on Facebook with his NEW GIRLFRIEND! WTF? she already says to him I love you and it seems that they have been together for a few months now( he lives in another state) Why would he do that? why he called me and texted me all those things if he was already with someone? why would he posted a picture of them if he was the one saying that would hurt the other one?

Im really hurt and I don't know what to do! I want to understand why do they do this?


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  • Seems kinda funny lol if you wanted him back and you liked him you should've gone back to him don't be surprised he moved on he probably just wanted to get toghter and have sex.

  • Because he's basically a crazy control freak, doesn't seem like that much of a loss to you, it would be better for you to just move on.


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