My man of 3 years said it is over between us. HELP

My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years. We ran into some money problems so he went to stay with his mother and I went to stay with mine for about 6 months to save money. I got us a new apartment and I had been waiting for him to come home since he just got a job as an OTR truck driver. We talked about marriage and couldn't wait to see each other. On the day he was to come home, he TEXT me and said he'd like to be just friends. I have been very loyal to this man so ofcourse I thought he was joking. He asked me to bring all of his items over to his mother house. He was so rude and mean to me when I brought his things. The next day I stopped by to see him and to find out what the hell was going on because he wasn't answering my calls or texts. He was again very nasty and rude to me and he said things were over between us. Yes, I broke down and cried and wanted answers because it happened so sudden. He and his mother both ended up telling me I needed to grow up and learn how to be in a relationship with a man. I was in shock. I left calmly and confused. I decided to just move on immediately. I contacted other guys that had been trying to date me for months. My boyfriend called me finally. He said he still loves me and he wants to work things out and that he isn't going to let his mother make decisions on who he should be with. His mother told him we should separate and I should grow up in the meantime. My boyfriend has the issue where he constantly accuses me of dating other men. I have been faithful to him in the 3 years we were together. He said he would give me a second chance. My mother wanted to know what happened. I told her everything. She got upset and she called my boyfriend and cursed him out for being so nasty to me given the fact I had been so loyal to him. I didn’t know she was going to do that. My boyfriend called me back and said that my chance was blown and for me to never contact him again. I didn’t contact my boyfriend, but late last night I sent him sexy pictures of me naked and with lingerie on thinking it would make him call me since he loved my body. But he didn’t respond. To make matters worse, I met with one of my friends. I got all sexy and went over to the guy’s house and we ended up having so much sex. I loved it. It was as if my body needed it. I felt bad because I was so faithful to my boyfriend before. I cried afterward. I don’t know. I am so confused. I still think about my boyfriend even though I got banged the hell out of last night. I miss him and wish he would talk to me. I want to call him, but something tells me not to. He says he still loves me…what do I do now at this point?


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  • "He and his mother both ended up telling me I needed to grow up and learn how to be in a relationship with a man".

    What the hell kind of a man needs backup from his mother to deal with his girlfriend?

    You've done nothing wrong, and you've got nothing to feel bad or guilty over.


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  • I think both of you need a huge, healthy dose of growing up. You need to admit and accept your relationship with your 'boyfriend' is over. Mourn the loss and move on.

  • SOUNDS liike a sad story, if its over its over don't try to make it work anymore you already tried your hardest, have more sex get over it try not to cry as often about it.


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  • Being with other guys and letting promiscuity is not going to help you get back on your feet.I think you are not the one who should grow up,it is him who needs to grow up for letting his mother intervene with everything in every step of your relationship.I think it is good that you guys are over.You can move on but not by sleeping with other guys.Having one night stand just makes you feel empty.Face your problems with logic not sex.If you believe he is sorry enuf to make things right,you should give him a chance but if your not a hundred percent sure,which I can see your not,you shold move on from this.


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