Do guys like it when girls are "sweet" and "gentle" when talking to them?

Basically everyone I know tells me I have a very sweet way of talking. I'm not sure exactly why, but possibly because I'm shy and I have a really soft voice? Idk. People can hear me when I'm talking to them for the most part, but in louder situations guys sometimes put their ear down so they can hear me better lol.

I don't intentionally talk this way, it's just how I've always talked. I don't usually tease people I don't know well either, I can make fun of people after I've met them two or three times though. I just like to know people a little before I tease them- I feel like when I talk that type of way too soon people don't expect that from me and take my teasing too seriously.

I don't want guys to think they can't have fun with me though. I make fun of people I know a lot actually lol.

I'm also not the type of girl who will agree with whatever everyone is saying to fit in. If I disagree I usually say my opinion respectfully and I wouldn't consider myself a pushover.

do guys like this gentle type way of talking or do they tend to prefer the more outspoken/flirty type?


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  • Yes, I think it's very feminine and attractive.


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  • We really like the gentle type way of talking because it puts us in ease and we can pretty much open ourselves with the girl.

  • I actually like when my girl talks to me gentle and sweet. Sometimes she even gets loud and random which makes it fun to be around her.


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