My fiancee has changed massively since having breast implants

My fiancee and I are both 23. When I met her when she was 19 she was a part time model, modelling some swimwear and fashion lines.

Last year she finished university and met some girls on a night out and began hanging around with them. These girls were all glamour models and all had the same agent. In August she told me she was having breast implants, which came out of the blue, she'd always been happy with her body and had a fantastic figure.

She went ahead with it and went from a B cup to a large DD, they looked massive on her body. She went out every weekend with this new group of girls and progressively her dress style became more and more revealing of her fake boobs.

In December she told me she was signing with this agent and she'd got to know him very well over the past few months and he liked the 'fake look' she had.

Well within two days of signing with him she'd had a topless portfolio done and two weeks ago she did her first topless shoot for a top shelf magazine this agent has a share in.

She's changed so much, she's arrogant and doing topless modelling was never ever something she would have done in the past. It seems since having her breasts done and spending increasing amounts of time with the agent she's turned into another girl.

Why has she changed so much?

Thank you to everyone that replied to me, I appreciate it.

We've had a long talk last night and she told me that she knows she's changed but she didn't realize her breast implants would look so good on her and they've given her a body that has opened up opportunities for her.

She said she's going to be staying at her agents house, and I asked her what on earth that meant and what was going on between them and she said its just a business arrangement and it will give her time to think.


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  • I agree with yaddayadda and kambo. Modeling is strictly a superficial profession; there's no way around that. Regardless of your girlfriend's personality or morals, a model has to be superficial to some degree. How superficial they are depends upon the person.

    The fact that your girlfriend was essentially peer-pressured into getting a boob job and now does topless photos says a lot about her confidence. As much as she may seem confident (or possibly even arrogant), her appearance stems from a huge issue of low self esteem. She clearly needs validation of her looks in order to be happy and that is not healthy.

    Also, the fact that she was modeling to begin with when you met her is a sign of this and it should come to no surprise to you that she is continuing to seek validation through modeling. It WILL most likely get worse unless she gets help to improve her self esteem.

    • @update: making a bad situation worse. I'm assuming the agent is male?

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  • There are many posible reasons (she is eather trying to fit in or she just wants to do something different now that she looks different ) but the only way to know the truth is to talk to her about the problem face to face about it and see why she is doing what she is doing

  • Wow what a disrespectful girl! Does she even ask your opinion on any of this? As her fiancé you should have a say in the things she is doing. Sounds like she is getting caught up in her looks and the partying/money

    • Just because they are getting married doesn't mean she has to get permission to change he body or to hangout with people

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    • I completely agree. She went yesterday, and I tried to ring her last night and the agent answered her phone and said she was busy and she'd ring me back. I text her several times and she never replied and she finally text today saying she was preocupied when I phoned yesterday.

      I've been told by someone that knows her well that he has longed wanted her and people within her group were saying for months that it was only a matter of time before she decided to become his.

    • That's awful, I'm so you really want to marry a girl that has no reguard for your feelings and cares nothing about anything aside from herself? If I were in our situation I'd call the wedding off...she doesn't seem to be ready to settle down

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  • Sounds to me like you didn't bother to analyze the depth of character your girlfriend possesses. You got with a model and now all of a sudden you're surprised when a superficial personality "suddenly" emerges?

  • Because she's addicted to the attention and the money. Unfortunately for you, it's likely things will get worse. I wouldn't be surprised if she'll get into drugs and having sex with managers to get more work. I'd be careful.

  • She's cheating on you.

  • It seems that the breast implants gave her a big boost in her ego and confidence.

  • Okay, so a few questions for you:

    1) who where the lamour models she was hanging out with?

    2) what's the name of the magazine she's shooting for?

    3) is she still going out with you?

    • Dude, thanks for the update. Can you answer the above questions? It will help me help you.

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    • Hmmmm. . . can you get yourself to any of these parties that involve all the girls? Because your best bet is to attend and integrate into their social scene.

    • Hey buddy. Just looked at this question again. How did things turn out with your girl? Are you still together?

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