Is this a true saying about guys?

if you did all you can to turn a situation around...went through peer hell with them all of a sudden you don't see them that way anymore you just see him as a friend is it true guys go crazy because they so use to you trying to fix things?


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  • Your question is a little confusing. But no, What made me crazy was trying to turn a REALLY bad situation around only to get hurt even more, that made me crazy.

    My ex cheated on me with someone 6 years younger than her when she was f***ed up at a friends house. She told me 3 days later I took some time to think. She told me she loved me etc, wanted me back, that she wasn't thinking and that I was the best person she had ever met. I went against all my rules to try and give her a chance on the off chance that it really was a mistake. But over the next month she was the one who started to just see me as a friend and we broke up. Ended up breaking my heart twice. And yes I went crazy for 2 weeks and it made the break up that much harder.

    • thats a diferent situation this guy is telling his friends all crazy things about me that's not true and that I loved him just for d*** and nothing more...i tried my hardest he even talked about me sometimes on twitter without saying my name and now I see him as a friend and he look stupid he left me for a 18 year old and he's 23 I'm 21

    • So is this guy your BF? And If this guy really is talking that much sh*t to others about you, why do you want him in your life even as a friend? It seems like he's super immature and has issues.

  • Well I've done everything I can with this girl and, It just goes on and on. Its fustrating for sure... One min she wants to be friends and, the next she wants nothing to do with me... I have little to do with why we are fighting and, its mainly all her and, I just don't understand sometimes. I really wish that Things can go for the better but, who knows. she prob ain't gonna talk to me for the rest of my life.


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