What do guys REALLY want in a girl?

I've been asking this question a lot. But I still have my doubts...

Some guys say "boobs and ass, ooh yea" some say "a funny, intelligent, caring girl"... But truth is I don't get it, because in reality those perfect guys all the girls want, end up with a plain jane or fat/ugly girl (sorry for sounding so pretensious, but I really want to get to the point of this question), and sometimes I see guys who want a certain type of girl (description: no make-up, sympathic, funny, etc...) and they date the total opposite type...

And for the final... why do pretty girls have it harder to find a guy? yes, we all know it's true. Sometimes, you meet a man who is "the one", the perfect match and everything is going the way it is supposed to, but in the last minute they dump you and replace you for a plain jane... is it about the way we look? is it about the way we talk to you?

What do guys really want in a girl?

I would be pleased if you answered this question!


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  • I'm not sure everything you say is true.

    But, I do think there's an element of truth in what you say about pretty girls finding it harder. The reason is obvious. Guys do almost all of the initiating. Many girls absolutely refuse ever to make the first move, often because they're nervous/scared or embarrassed by the idea. Many guys just assume that pretty girls won't be interested in them or that they already have boyfriends. So, many guys often chicken out of approaching pretty girls. If you're a pretty girl, the solution is to make the first move yourself.


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  • no games. that's it.

    and these "perfect guys" you are talking about are probably the ones that girls find to be hot and they don't want anything serious because they know they can get any girl they want. Pretty girls do not have it harder though. I would love to settle down with a pretty girl!


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  • Tits



    Anna faris personality.


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