Guy always seems to run into me?

So I started working at a new place about one year ago. A month or so into my training I was in a classroom and across the hallway from me was another class. I eventually noticed that every time that class took a break, this one guy about 30 years old (I'm 25) would walk past our door and give me a headnod or something of the sort. I always just smiled back or something. I didn't see him again in our building for about 6-7 months. Recently, my part of the office had some operations change. Low and behold, this man is apparently helping with the training, so he has been all over my floor helping. Ever since then, I've run into him about 5 times in the last 2 weeks since things have changed. It's as if he suddenly found where I am sitting in the huge building. Any time I see him, he always tells me "have a good weekend!" or something like that, and even one time I was walking into the building, waived to the guard, said hello to the man and his coworkers and I continued down my hallway. I happened to turn around and look behind me after I was fairly far down the hallway, and he was still back at the entrance alone looking down the hallway after me and then he walked away. I did some creeping ha ha and I found out he is married.

Is he just admiring from afar or what is the deal here? I'm confused.


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  • I think he must think your cute and attractive becaue it seems like he enjoys staring and looking at you.He does seem to be friendly and nice to you. I also think he likes what he sees. I think that is weird fi the building is big with so many floors and people that he found you again after that long break. I think he is just admiring you from afar. Maybe you look better then his wife.


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