Guys: What kind of things do you like as anniversary gifts?

My boyfriend and I are going on our 2 month anniversary (I know that's not very long) but I wanted to get him a little something. I don't want to go over the top, but I was wondering what things you think I should get him? He loves playing basketball (he's not so much a fan of watching though). He likes all genres of music accept screamo and techno.

Is a picture of us in it cheap or cheesy? What about a puzzle piece key chain that locks together when put side by side?

I'm open to any and all ideas. Please help! Thanks :)

(Btw he's 17)


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  • i would personaly like something usefull and that would remind me of her whenever I saw it or used it like a poket knife ha ha jk but something like that you know what I mean


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