With regards to how males and females show they care about one another.

Would it be fair to say that women like vebal confirmation more than guys? That when she is feeling appreciative she will say "I appreciate you" or something where as guys will show the girl in some other way? Sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I just feel that men are more action oriented and women are more verbal.


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  • Well I guess, but I'd say it also has to do with the personality. I mean, I am by nature a man of few words and I don't show that much emotion in general, so I don't go showing my appreciation much either, verbally or non-verbally. Though I know a few women who aren't that big on the verbal way either, but I think most are. As for guys, I'd say it's the opposite, but in my opinion guys have started to become more verbal too though still not as much as women.


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