During conversation with you guy says "What else?"

During lulls in a convo if a guy keeps saying "what else" is that bad? Why would he do that?

I've had a couple guys do that.


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  • Examples?

    If he did it while you're placing your order, he's probably annoyed that you can't just list it all out. He's really busy and just wants to get his job done, and you're holding up the line.

    If he did it while speaking with you after a breakup - it's as if he might not care because he's trying to expect or anticipate the next words out of your mouth.

    If he's normally quiet and notices you walking away from ordering - he might be wanting to call back your attention in a subtle manor cause he can't grow the balls to ask you something else.. Seems odd but possible.

    Give us context and we can break it down better. Asking for an average of events makes it hard to interpret, as people are constantly in flux - not to mention their behaviors.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I mean in normal conversations. When someone is getting to know another person.

    • He might of caught onto you stumbling (a sign that you were unsure whether you should tell him something).. The "what else" clause would be a clear sign that he was wanting to have you open up so that he can see the real you. Seem close to your situation?

  • What else?


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