Girls, I need your help. If you talk to a guy and then act annoyed when he talks to you "too much"?

and then you tell him to "go away" and leave you alone and you get irritated. Then if he stops talking to you, you get upset or start bugging him to talk to you, what is your deal? are you joking?

If I stop talking talking to her she tells me "i have an attitude" or am "being rude" and sometimes if I walk by without saying anything, she will jokingly say "wow, you didn't say anything to me when you walked by, that's a new one".

Does she just want to be left alone? I need advice so I can act on it ASAP.


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  • The goal for many females is to gain CONTROL in the realationship. So they're quick to criticize you for no real reason; just to putyouo the defensive and afraid of beng dumped, but when you walk away, they suddenly decide they like you after lall, and are right there 'bugging' the guy

    They hope you will them have their way, since they've shown they'll cut the you off without warning, with the tiniest excuses imaginable.

    And if the guy lets himself be pushed around like that ,the girl has contol of the relationship.

    • She is immature (at least when it comes to dealing with guys, she has never had a boyfriend). Its not that she pushes me around but it bugs the hell out of me when I get called annoying and she is the only person who does it. I have left her alone and even told her to stop bugging me, to which she started crying. What would be the best course of action? Ignore what she says and keep talking or ignore HER altogether?

    • I'd tell her to stop the sniveling and play fair with you...if she can't, you'll find someone who will!

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  • Dude, seriously, you have been trying to figure this girl out for the longest of time. Perhaps your biggest mistake is allowing her to see that she irritates you, which may be giving her impetus to mistreat you again.

    Since she has a history of being hot and cold, greet her as you do everyone else, without striking up a conversation. Let her initiate it. Say hello, smile, make eye contact and then give her a second to initiate. If she does not, happily go on about your day.

    • Thats the whole problem, she initiates, she says hello every single time. I go about my day, she keeps bugging me and making conversation and then when I say "ok, maybe she does want to talk" and I initiate conversations, she gets this attitude and rolls her eyes and acts all annoyed, so that's why I have no idea what she wants.

    • Don't initiate conversations with her anymore. It's obvious that she enjoys reeling you on to land, only to throw you back into sea wen she feels like it. If I were you, I would talk to her about her hot and cold attitude, and conclude it by telling her it won't be tolerated any longer, no matter how much it affects her. You have to teach her how you want to be treated, and how you won't be treated.

  • She doesn't like what you're saying at the time, so she says "go away" but she actually wants you to keep talking because she doesn't know how to tell you that she doesn't like what you're saying


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