Girls, how long does it take for you to miss your ex and want him back (even if you are seeing someone new)?

Girls, how long does it usually take for you to miss the guy you broke up with (if you do end up missing him) and want him back (if that is the case)?

Background story is that my girlfriend of three years broke up with me. Two months went by and she missed me so much, we started talking and seeing each other here and there again. Three months into trying to work ourselves out, she became distant and that she didn't want to talk to me anymore.

I believe that she was so depressed after the break up, because of her living and job situation (she lives with parents, has a crappy hospital pharmacy tech job, and just can't figure out what she wants to do with her life), that she couldn't get herself to get us back to normal. I believe that she started to question everything (such as where each of us is heading in life) and might've met a guy that gives her new and refreshing attention, felt guilty about those feelings for him (she never said a word about him to me but has since visited him for a weekend), and decided to give up on us for now to explore that new option.

I have since been on a strict no contact rule, and have basically dropped off the face of the earth. No social media activity, texts, messages, calls, nothing. Her birthday was last week, and she even posted a picture of flowers she got from this rebound new guy of hers, and I didn't message her for her birthday or anything.

What should I do? This girl has been my everything and my future since we met, and I love her with everything I have. To get her back, even after we tried and she still couldn't get herself to be happy and out of her rut, what should I do? Have any of you girls been on her side of this story?

Also, I would appreciate the "just move on, she's not worth it" comments to a minimum. I've heard enough of that already. Thanks
I should note that during the first two months of our break up, we would go back and forth with Facebook messaging about statuses, texting about Instagram pictures, etc.. and just plain texting. We would interact with each other (even played words with friends) but would never be able to carry on a conversation. Maybe she didn't get that "complete separation" from me that she really needed to begin with?


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  • She got closure from you when you started talking to her again after being broken up for 2 months and now she has moved on to her new guy. I would just try to forget about her and find someone new. You miss your ex when you feel lonely and you're all alone but she has a guy that is giving her attention so I don't think that she will miss you anytime soon. It sounds harsh but its just the way things go.

  • I understand she means the world to you, but maybe it's time for you to look forward in your life. It seems that she didn't allow herself to jump back into the relationship with you when she had the chance, and now that she's found a new guy, she wants to see what he has to offer. I think you're hurting yourself by yearning to be with her. Live your life and what is meant to be, will happen.


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