Is it normal to forget about a guy when a new one comes along?

I've liked this guy for over a year and every time I would see him, I would get nervous and my heart would start beating so fast and I would get nervous. I've known him for about 5 years but we never really talked. I'm sure we couldve talked but my shyness didn't let me. Well I wanted this guy so bad and I was just too scared to do anything about it because I was afraid he'd humiliate me.

But I wonder. I don't think this guy would like me in that way. He's an extrovert; he's all about hanging out with friends, smoking pot, going out, etc. And I'm quiet, introverted, and I don't have many friends and in college and kind of a nerd.

So now I met this guy at school who I actually talk to. I think we're friends. I'm not sure. But he's kind of lame and nerdy like me and I enjoy being around him. I normally don't like to be around people but I like to be around him. And when I'm with him, I forget all about the guy I like.

And now that I sit here wondering about this, my crush seems irrelevant. I kind of don't care if I talk to him or not. Last time I saw him, I felt so strongly about him and decided to make a move the next time I saw him, but now, I don't feel like it. I don't think I like him anymore. Is it healthy to move on like this? I don't know if I like the new guy but I sure do enjoy being with him.
Basically what I'm asking is if its normal for me to have such strong feelings for someone and not do anything about them and then they suddenly go away? Like if I wasted so much time and energy on someone for it all to go to waste


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  • Yeah it's fine. You probably were super into him because there was nobody else in the picture. now that there is a guy who is actually available to you, you don't need to be crushing on that other guy from afar. he takes his place

    • Yeah and its weird because I had tried to move on before and nothing worked. I tried to pay attention to other guys and at the end of the day, I would end up thinking about him. But I guess since I stopped trying, things just got fixed on their own. :D

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  • That's how most of the girls are,one day they are all over you saying they got crush on you and af day,oh I am kinda busy now and busy they stay for you

    • and a day comes*

      girls can be so heartless and get away with it,cause guys are just fancy toys

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    • He seemed to have changed. He started being nice to me and I started to find out that he was a pretty cool guy. And here was respectful towards others and exhibited many other good qualities like that but I still have that fear that he can be an ass if he finds out I liked him so that's why I want to forget him. And I kind of have. The new guy I met is a nice guy. But now I wonder if he'd like me back. Damn. Well that girl must be an ass but not everyone is like that. As you can see, there's

    • Nice guys and bad guys. Same with girls. It all depends on the person.

  • Your a girl so, yeah its normal, women do not have hearts. Consider yourself lucky, I've loved the same girl for 3 years, and other girls do not make me forget her, nothing does, I envy you.


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