Is there such a thing as being to good?

My girlfriend keeps saying your to good for me. At first I thought she was joking around now it seems like she has serious confidence problems because she is saying things like why do stay with me you can have anyone else? Is this like some type of mental game she is playing?


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  • Boost her confidence. Find ways to show her how much you appreciate her. Leave her notes, give her compliments (as long as you don't overdo it, and are honest), etc.

    I feel like this with my boyfriend sometimes, he is the epitome of a social butterfly and is very popular, smart, talented... whereas I have very few friends and my self-esteem isn't great. I often feel like he is too good for me, but I remind myself that he is with me because he wants to be, and that that must mean something. Also I love him a lot and I'm happy that he feels the same way about me. So just show her that you care and that she is special to you, and hopefully she will stop being so hard on herself.


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