Guys, if a pretty girl messaged you this on fb?

She friends you, you say "Do I know you" and she says: "No, but you look familar and I think you're pretty. :) Maybe I went to school with you? ha ha answer is no, you don't know me, but maybe you should. :)"

What would you think or say? Would you message back?


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  • don't tell a guy you think he's "pretty". pretty describes women, not men.

    If she was good looking and I believed the photo(s) were actually her and not some other girl, sure I'd message her back.

    If you're attractive you can pull this off. if you're not, it won't work unless he's desperate.

    • im attractive. and I know :( pretty is just what I use when I desribe guys, its like my thing, so now I feel stupid.

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    • He responded and said "haha you find me pretty? what school did you go to?'

      does this mean he's interested? he still hasn't accepted my request yet he's just messaging me.. what does it mean that he responded with that?

    • his "ha ha" and reaction confirms why I said don't call guys "pretty". it's kind of an odd compliment to give a guy. but it's water under the bridge at this point.

      he asked you a question suggesting he wants to carry on the conversation. if he had zero interest he wouldn't have asked. rather he'd say something like thanks and that's it.

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  • Did you really call a guy pretty? Anyways, he seems into you, just flirt if you like him. He's giving you the "okay" by pretty much saying "I want to get to know you." If he's a random guy who you know nothing about, be cautious.

    • He replied saying "haha you find me pretty? What school did you go to?'

      what does that mean? does that indicate he's interested?

    • That's just casual conversation talk. The "Maybe you should" was a sign that he's interested.

  • Why...not..!

    I love all girls..! All girls...if he is intrested then what can I do...i can't do wrong with her...i can't hurt her feelings..! Lolzz ;)


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