Why is it so hard for girls to accept an apology!?

So I'm basically wondering why do girls don't accept apologies, and how or which is the best way to apologize without ending up beging but showing that you are actually sorry? ... by the way this is for a friend, I mean we kinda have a thing and I said something that upseted her, next day we kinda didn't talk then she texted me and was like wha your not gonna talk to me anymore? I was like no its just something had to change after what we talked, that was my mistake I actually meant that well we were gonna go through an awkward moment but then I will be normal again, I didn't say it like that she got mad, I talked to her yesterday but she is so stubborn and anything I say is wrong to her, I don't want to beg but I wanna be OK with her so... that's the situation


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just give her space. She may not be ready to forgive you yet. Some girls are really sensitive about things you say.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's because they expect us to do some unrealistic sh*t while asking for an apology like in some damn book they read once.

    Advice? Take a chill pill and move on like you don't give a heck. Eventually she'll calm down and will make a move herself.


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