He makes fun of me?

I've been dating this guy for almost 3 mos, going strong, closer,sweeter, except he has very dry sense of humor, which I don't even count that as humor lol

I'm not a native speaker and I have accent..and do have language barrier sometimes. and he'd make fun of that almost every time I see him. if I complain, he'd go like 'oh I was joking.isnt that funny?' I don't know if that's joke or not, every time he makes fun of me w my language prob or other things, it just hurts me real bad..

I don't understand why would he see me if that bothers him that much.. he's late 20s, attractive successful guy, he's a bit shy but he'd have no problem finding another girl you know..

if I keep asking why he still sees me, then he'd just say 'why you being silly'

ugh.. He can be really mean, it's not that he hates me or not care about me, maybe that too lol but it's more of his personality is like that. He wouldn't think carefully enough that whatever he says will hurt me.

I think we're going strong, but it really drags me out that feels like I'm slowly losing interest in him.. I want to take a break and think if he's the right guy, but I know he'll bother me crazy and he really goes nuts if I don't answer his call..

guys, I was wondering can you still like a girl you are dating even she has language barrier? I don't really get the point him seeing me still..since he makes fun of that, that just tells me he def would be bothered by that.


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  • First thing girls usually think the are being clear and you are to other girls, guys have no idea what going on. SO be very clear and say something using very clear lounguage.


    The constant joking is hurting my feelings I do not want to stay with someone who hurts me and does not care.

    Remeber this if he is nto just mean and actually tries to change it will not be quick and it will not be a steady progression he will be better some weeks and worse the next. It is a habbit.

    Like a ll habits you don't know you are doing it half the time. you will have to remind him sometimes but not blow up every time he makes a mistake. but not let him get away with so much that he keeps hurting you.

  • He really likes you as a person, and not because of the fact that there's a language barrier.

    Trust him.


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