I like him but he is taken

We started talking a few months ago online and we hit it off as friends. We talk almost every day. He said he loves talking to me but he rejected me because he is with someone else. Someone else told me that he doesn't feel the same way about me (obviously because he is taken) but now every time I go online, he says hi to me (unlike before). He compliments me and says I'm attractive and he says talking to me makes him feel better. Advice please.
Thanks for the answer. I feel like I keep falling more in love with him. It's not right but I really care about him. What happens if he breaks up? Should I make the move or not? I would love to be with him but he's with someone else.
He's told me that I was really pretty, dashing, and lovely on several occasions. I don't know about flirting but he says talking to me is the best part of his day and that he missed me when when I didn't talk to him for two days. He said that he treasures me. I heard his voice and I fell even harder for him after that. lol He said that I was really sweet, pretty and a great person several times. He did reject me but he seems to be more eager to talk to me now for some reason.


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  • I posted answer, and just checked your updates, I think he's acting not propriate here. If I were his girlfriend, and he compliments other girl, tells her talking to her is the best part, misses her, I would be pissed. those are flirts and I think he's being more than just a friend there.

    If he breaks up with his girlfriend, why not? but he doesn't seem like a genuine guy.. imagine he break up with her you guys go out and he does that to another new girl? unless he thinks he's total in love with you, you are the only one he can be with, which I don't think he does because if he did, he wouldve left his girlfriend already to be with you. I wouldn't trust this guy.

    sounds like he's playing with you and sneaky behind his girlfriend's back.

    imagine if the girlfriend knows all things he's been telling you?

    imagine you are the girlfriend? I know it's hard to move on when you really like someone and he still talks to you daily, but he's still with his girlfriend.. just try to find better guy. worst case, he's playing both you and the girlfriend. I'm really saying this for you. you deserve better guy.


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  • In situations like these it is better not to attack because having already a relationship makes him stronger in the mind. It's like he already got his catch and has peace of mind and when people have peace of mind they think clearer. You on the other hand have somethings that act against you to some degree. You still are trying to catch your relationship and that I guess puts some anxiety (because subconsciously you know that you can fail) and therefore you will be thinking less clearly, your emotions hinder your clearest judgement to some degree. I advice to find someone single, that way the game will be fair, you would be both on the same level. The one you are after right know is on a higher level simply because he already has a girlfriend.


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  • he appreciates your friendship. its not often that a guy and girl can honestly be friends without there be any pressure for anything more. think about your friendship with him and how valuable it is to you and if it's worth it. he sounds like a nice guy who genuinely appreciates your friendship. and who really knows what will happen in the future.

  • wow I'd be really jealous if my boyfriend talks to someone like that. and I would def feel offended haha.. He can say hi to you every time he sees you online, and say he appreciates your friendship, he likes your company, he likes talking to you, that can just be totally friendly things. but he cannot say how attractive you are... well I guess he can but if he compliments you every time constantly, I even get weird out if a guy friend of me does that. does he flirt to you or compliment you A LOT?

    I would say just move on, because now he is in a relationship with someone and he's staying with her.

    what you mean by rejected? that means he knows you have feeling for him now?

    if he knows your feeling and he still rejects and doesn't make any move, means you are just good friend of his. maybe it's an ego boost the fact you like him and he still wants to keep you aside. I mean why wouldn't he? he enjoys your friendship!

    don't get too attatched to this guy yet.


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